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Thursday, 19 September 2019

iCreate - How Technology Has Changed - Photography

Designing & Developing Digital Outcomes

Year 4 students have created an outstanding photo montage showcasing their understanding of photographic elements.  Investigation through practice showed how images are captured and how photographs have changed with technology and innovation. They showcased their hard work with an online exhibition and an actual exhibition for Grandparents Day. The girls even taught their grandparents how to take a selfie!
This unit of work is a strong example of student operating within the new Digital Technologies Curriculum, due to be mandated in 2020.


How History is Remembered and Shared

Learning to capture images from varying perspectives.  Taking part in a treasure hunt of photographic elements showing 'strong lines'

Year 5 and 6 are working together on a topic called “How History Is Remembered and Shared”.
The girls have visited Turanga Library to kick start their research.  We are hoping to revisit the Library once the girls have narrowed their research topic. Next steps, will be to share their learning comparing two views in time.  The girls will code a visual presentation with the use of Scratch, a block coding platform. Learning to code challenges students to think creatively, work collaboratively and reason systematically.

Part II

The girls have excelled all expectations with this integrated unit. They worked with Sam Bates, their performing arts teacher, Rachel Wilford their Music teacher, Linda Chong and Audrey Campbell, their Digital Technology teachers to present their learning through mime, singing and coding. What a fabulous celebration for our girls and their parents.


Sunday, 15 September 2019

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Monday, 26 August 2019

Robocup 2019

I have been involved in robotics for a number of years now and it never ceases to amaze me that robots in an unfamiliar environment behave in unexpected ways. What worked yesterday can, at times, mysteriously malfunction. 

The day started with some pressure to urgently debug and problem-solve errors in the code. The search and rescue teams were stretched to the limit to overcome the mysterious phenomenon of robots behaving badly. The rescue competition consists of four rounds.  At the end of round one, there was much frustration and we performed at a level below what we had anticipated. As the day unfolded, our error detection and problem-solving skills, along with much perseverance and grit got us through to the end of the fourth-round.  Each round presented new challenges but we had managed make improvements. Hannah should be commended for not only giving Robocup a go as a first-time competitor but also for competing solo on the day as her partner was unavailable.

In the Theatre division there was more room to be creative and flexible. The Australian and New Zealand robots took the stage in a sporting arena to perform a range of races. Millie’s narration could be modified if the robots misbehaved. Her timing of the movement of the robots and the visual performance was amazing.  All the angst and hours to prepare for the two minutes on stage was well worth it.  

Robotics is more that just coding! It not only enables our girls to have an opportunity to learn to programme but also to develop essential skills in a real setting.  Often family members also go through the stress and frustrations that these keen programmes are experiencing. It is with family support and willingness to take a risk that these girls learn to adapt to unforeseen challenges.  Rarely does everything work out perfectly on the day. Robocup is reknown for providing an experience with the whole spectrum of tears through to ultimate joy. On this occasion we all performed absolutely stupendously. I am proud that you represented St Margaret’s College with such positivity.

SMC Robocup Team: Millie Edwards, Hannah Waring, Claudia Hundleby (in absentia), Tessa Sitjes, Lucy Eyre-Walker, Mel Leaderland and Jessika Sanders.

Results for the regional robot Robo Competition:
First Senior Theatre Competition: Millie Edwards - year 7
First and Premier Search and Rescue Competition: year 9 students: Tessa Sitjes, Lucy Eyre-Walker, Jessika Sanders and Mel Leatherland

Link to Theatre Performance

EPro8 Competition

EPro8 Competition ( Engineering, Problem Solving and Innovation)

Over the past two weeks, the Year 5-9 Construction Club girls have competed in the EPro8 competition.  EPro8 is an Engineering, Problem Solving and Innovation competition based around a set of challenges to be completed within a given time frame.  Each time the girls completed a challenging task they earned points, racing up the leaderboard. EPro8 encourages teamwork, communication and perseverance.  Each team of 4 worked tirelessly over the 2.5 hour period without stopping for food, water or toilet breaks!  We are incredibly proud of our girl's first attempt in this competition.
The girls involved were:-
Year 9 - Tessa Sitjes, Mel Leatherland, Lucy Eyre-Walker and Cara Birch,
Year 7 - Gemma Sitjes, Anjali Selveraja, Charlotte Brown and Millie Edwards,
Year 6 - Hannah Millar, Sophia Govan, Lucy Mitchell and Qiaoyu Guan,
Year 5 - Ivy Mehrtens, Lexie Boon, Leilah Pukepuke, Marnie Bell, Poppy Blakely, Genevieve Surridge, Alisha Arora, and Sienna Choat.  

We look forward to entering more girls in the competition next year.